“You know good and damn well what I’m talkin’ about.”

Today, Ridley Scott woke up and found himself to be 74 years old. Crazy times, huh? I’m sure most people think of him primarily as the man behind the camera for Alien and Blade Runner (and now as the dude whose weird to-do list keeps including a remake and/or sequel to the latter film, maybe?), but my personal favorite of his work will always be Thelma & Louise. I don’t call it a perfect film, but there simply isn’t anything out there that hits the same spot for me. It showcases what feels like a real female friendship (as rare in film as a spotted eagle sighting on a leisurely nature stroll), takes real problems that females face about how they are treated and perceived in society seriously, and is also is a kick-ass road movie with explosions and hot male eye candy. There’s just no other movie like it, right? (Recommendations are very welcome if anyone has some!)

Anyway, happy birthday Ridley Scott, you old son of a gun. Thanks for bringing this script to life. This scene, most of all:

“You say you’re sorry, or I’m gonna make you fuckin’ sorry.” HEAVEN.

Side note: Every six months or so I find myself wandering to Thelma & Louise screenwriter Callie Khouri’s IMDb page, hoping that there will be some upcoming project there that sounds as terrific and smart and badass as this film, but I’m always disappointed. Something for 2013 called A Season in Central Park with Ronald Bass and Aline Brosh McKenna also listed as writers? There’s no way that’s not a rom-com…not that there’s anything wrong with that…but…Callie! You wrote Thelma & Louise! I want some more foul-mouthed ladies with guns, yo. Get on it.


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