All hail the great writer, who is also a critic.

You’ve probably already seen this excellent Esquire piece on Roger Ebert linked elsewhere on the internet today. That has obviously not stopped me from linking to it again. I had to share that reading it made me even more excited that I’ll be attending Ebertfest this year, which means I may be reaching an unhealthy level of excitement (and they don’t even announce the films until next month).

The next time you are bored, think of your favorite movie. Then look up the review of it in Roger Ebert’s archive. Agree or disagree with his opinion, you’ve just experienced truly great writing.


1 Response to “All hail the great writer, who is also a critic.”

  1. 1 Tom February 16, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    Agree 100%. My love for him is great. I hope he never goes away.

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