The two things we’re allowed to discuss today.

LOST‘s final season premiere and Oscar nominations on the same day?! Thank god I’m going into work late today and I have time to blog.

Regarding LOST: I could not care less what the smoke monster is. I am unconcerned with any logistical contradictions in last year’s time traveling escapades. And I really think you’re missing the point if you still want to know “what the numbers mean.” The only mysteries I’m interested in are the character-based ones: the ultimate connection between Locke and Jacob, the whereabouts of poor Claire, the true relationship between Ben, Widmore and the island itself. Stuff like that. Emotional satisfaction, not nuts and bolts. I want all the time I can get with my beloved characters, not with ‘ol Smokey. And please, please let one of those characters be Daniel FaradayI need him back!!

I’m comforted by the fact that the writers of LOST are very much on the same page as me, according to this epic, entertaining, spoiler-free interview with Cuse & Lindelof, by the Chicago Tribune’s great TV critic Maureen Ryan. Read it to get even more excited for tonight!! Eeek!!

Okay: Oscars, and all ten of those Best Picture nominees. All it took for me to get on board with expanding the field was to see that it helped Up make the cut. Up is a wonder, as are most Pixar films, and absolutely deserves to be put up against the entire field, not just other animated films.

Other good: Kathryn Bigelow for directing The Hurt Locker, obvs. With her DGA award she is officially the favorite to win (the oft-cited trivia fact is that the DGA and the Academy have only voted differently on Best Director 6 times since 1948). One only needs to take a look at Bigelow’s diverse-yet-action-centric filmography to realize that the perpetual discussion of her as a female filmmaker is sort of sillynot that the emphatic categorization isn’t an eye-roller for any woman who happens to make films, but for her it seems particularly maddening. Yet, the fact is that her gender is significant, because this is Hollywood, Crown Prince of Boys Clubs we’re talking about. They were making jokes about her great legs at the DGA awards, for cripes sake. She needs that statue just to have a tool for bludgeoning once the champagne starts flowing on Oscar night.

Also nice to see: the ladies of Up in the Air getting acting noms, District 9 for best pic (doesn’t deserve to win, but so nice to see something very outside-the-box on that list), recognition for The Hurt Locker’s screenwriter Mark Boal, who is a little lost in the Bigelow-madness, and that the rumors that The Hangover might sneak in for best pic were thankfully untrue.

Not nice to see: no Zoe Saldana. I don’t know who I would kick out of the best supporting actress category for her, but still. I was also hanging on to a shred of hope that we’d see some significant nominations for Bright Star, but really the buzz didn’t last long enough, and it only squeaked in for costume design. A phenomenal film, though, and we will see Abbie Cornish on an Oscar list someday soon.

Hmm, no other egregious snubs are coming to mind for me. Anyone else mad about something?

Enjoy LOST tonight and the countdown to Oscars on March 7!


4 Responses to “The two things we’re allowed to discuss today.”

  1. 1 Carly February 3, 2010 at 12:56 am

    Brandi, today I presented for an hour on various theories of information seeking, use, and avoidance, starting at the friendly hour of 8am. My reward when I finally got home tonight, was Lost, which I miraculously found streaming in Canada mere moments after it finished airing!


  2. 2 Brandi Sperry February 3, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    The premiere was meg brag, Unit. (Ok maybe Feed was too creepy of a book to lift slang from…)

  3. 3 Brandi Sperry February 3, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Also, I now retroactively DO care what the Smoke Monster is, now that I know.

  4. 4 Carly February 3, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Unit! it was sososo good! i hate having to wait a whole week for the next ep. although i dunno about the whole smoke monster presto chango bit. that actually seemed lame to me, but i am keeping an open mind.

    just so long as you don’t go giving yourself lesions or ribboning off bit of your flesh, eh?

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