The usual new TV season overload

Over the past month, I’ve spent a fair amount of time sampling the new fall offerings. Usually this is a busy but giddy time. This year….I dunno. I feel like I’ve reached the point where sampling new series is like work, rather than fun (yet I’m nowhere near getting paid for this stuff). Still, here come my opinions. We’ll start with the most promising and continue from there, ok?

opinion based on episodes 1-6

I’m sure you’ve heard by now what an offbeat, entertaining show this is. It’s by far the highlight of my new season, the one new show I’d be truly sad to miss. There’s so much to explore: the depths of lovely offbeat main characters like Rachel and Kurt, further focus on those like Tina-the-punk-Asian, who are waiting in the wings for their day (sooner rather than later would be good). Yes, there are a few weak points, such as the too-over-the-top fake pregnancy storyline…but since this is the baby of Ryan “creator of Nip/Tuck” Murphy we’re discussing, it’s actually a model of restraint so far.


Modern Family
based on eps 1 and 3

Woohoo! It’s funny! The premiere started slow, but built to a climax that almost had me at the coveted crying-because-I-couldn’t-stop-laughing point. The DVR box ate episode two (sort of…the picture was there but the dialogue track was gone. Very odd). Missing that one, I still giggled my way through episode three. Promising cast, promising writing.


based on eps 1-3

While I’ve been entertained by the first few episodes, I’m wondering how long the show can keep our cast of characters, who all share a “Spanish study group” (in which they never study), sufficiently involved with one another. I was also overly bothered by the fact that they were all still adding and dropping classes in episode three…oh well. I heart Joel McHale, I support Chevy Chase’s comeback, and I love that one chick who also plays Trudy Campbell on Mad Men.


Flash Forward

based on eps 1 and 2

Ok, I’m fairly intrigued by the premise. I love watching John Cho, Penny from Lost, and the hot guy who used to be Jett Jackson do their thing. But despite the intriguing premise, the tone of this show bothers me…it’s overly intense at some points, followed by odd comic relief at others (such as when the boss describes being in the john during the blackout…TMI). Everything’s still a little frenetic for me, but I do want to know why the kid freaks out so much at the end of ep 2. So, I’m in it for a few more hours at least, I think.


Cougar Town
based on eps 1-3

I didn’t have huge expectations for this show, but I gave it a chance based on Courteney Cox, the great supporting cast, and awesome creator Bill Lawrence. (Ask me to defend the show’s premise, if you dare…I noticed how none of the pieces criticizing it early on seemed to reserve any judgment based on the pedigree of those involved. Shame, shame.) The pilot was funnier than I’d hoped for, episode two was solid, episode three was lame. I’m hoping it will bounce back…I love the supporting actresses (Busy Phillips!) and the actor who plays the son (RIP Aliens in America), but the young-boyfriend character is painfully underdeveloped. It’s a glaring problem I hope they’ll fix soon.


The Good Wife
based on eps 1-3

So, I like Juliana Margulies. But I loooove Christine Baranski. I aspire to be Christine Baranski someday. And I’m not seeing enough of Christine Baranski, so then I forget how much I like Juliana Margulies. This show needs more Baranski! That said, while it’s not the most exciting show ever, it’s well-acted, with a timely premise, decent cases, and a nice cast. Very solid for a Tuesday, which is by far the slowest day of this season.


Bored to Death
based on eps 1 and 2

While this show has an enjoyable cast, and I wouldn’t automatically turn away from it should I stumble across it, it’s been demoted from my DVR. I wanted to like it more, I really did. Jason Schwartzman is a lovely person, but the character he plays here is exasperating well beyond whatever likeable traits he demonstrates. The show is not awful, but not good enough to commit. Watching it I feel a bit like the main characters’ ex-girlfriend is meant to….sad that she cannot say she likes the situation more.


Anyone seen any great new shows I haven’t sampled?


4 Responses to “The usual new TV season overload”

  1. 1 Chelsea October 13, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    have you watched the new melrose place yet? it’s trashtastic!

  2. 2 Chelsea October 13, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    and i actually really like the vampire diaries. boone from lost is in it and he’s super hot!

  3. 3 Brandi Sperry October 13, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, that you like these two shows. They do fall under the category of fun nonsense soap opera things that I like when I have time for it, but I can’t add any more shows now. I’m looking for ones to get rid of.

  4. 4 Vann October 14, 2009 at 6:33 am

    Did you see the new episode “Fix” of the Good Wife?

    There is Christine Baranski everywhere!

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