Eight reasons it’s an epic time to be a horror fan

It’s almost that time of year…so many horror movies to look forward to in the coming months.

1. Thirst, July 31
Chan-Wook Park made a vampire movie!! Oh it’s gonna be sooooo bloody. Can’t wait can’t wait.

2. Grace, August 14 (maybe later for us poor, unfortunate souls who don’t live in NYC or LA)
Two words: evil baby.

3. Halloween II, August 28
(Roman numerals courtesy of the filmmakers, not me. Also used in the title for original Halloween II!) Because even though Rob Zombie’s first trip down Michael Meyers lane was just aiite for me, you can’t not be excited about seeing that mask.
4. The Final Destination, August 28
In 3-D! Which I am still not tired of! I’ll be seeing this before the aforementioned H2. (Who decided opening those two on the same weekend was a good idea?)

5. Jennifer’s Body, September 18
Trailer is promising, very promising. Definitely feeding my insane girl crush on Amanda Seyfried. Go, Diablo, go!

6. Zombieland,  October 9
Woody Harrelson fights zombies! With Emma Stone! Who I also have a girl crush on! (last sentence = bad grammar…on whom I also have a girl crush?)

7. The Vampire’s Assistant, October 23
John C. Reilly, Willem Dafoe, Salma Hayek, Patrick Fugit, Ken Watanabe, Jane Krakowski, directed by Paul Weitz…this is not gonna be your tween’s vampire movie. Just throwing out a guess that none of the vamps will sparkle.

8. The Wolf Man, November 6
Benicio del Toro, I feel like I haven’t seen you in anything in forever…please be as awesome in this as I suspect you’ll be.

Missing from my list: Saw VI. They’re just gonna keep making these, huh? Strangely, the more of them that come out, the more I sort of actually want to watch one of them. Never even saw the first one, but I do love me some ridiculous sequels…oh, a sudden urge to watch Jason Takes Manhattan

Woo, horror film season!


2 Responses to “Eight reasons it’s an epic time to be a horror fan”

  1. 1 Aaron August 2, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Ugh. Thank you for leaving out saw. The first one was an attmpt to recreate the greatness that is Se7en, and it has Cary Elwes (I think I misspelled that) how could you have not seen it?

    The second one wasn’t even written as a saw movie. The studio shoehorned a script that fell along a similar idea into a sequal. I almost turned it off 4 times. Which for me says a lot. I’ve sat through a ton of terrible movies just to see if they can redeem themselves by the end.

    The installments only get worse from there. Oh and more gory, but in a sickly realistic way that should be illegal, not a fun over the top way that most B grade films have (rib cage being ripped out of a live persons body anyone?)

    can’t wait for H2. I’m hoping this is on par with the greatness that was the devils rejects(you better have seen that. If not you better be in the line at the video store with it in your hands now). Otherwise rob zombie will become a hit and miss director for me.

  2. 2 Brandi Sperry August 3, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Ok maybe I won’t waste my time catching up with Saw…

    Yes, I have seen The Devil’s Rejects, I think it is very clever and well-done. Much better than House of 1,000 Corpses, I think because Rob Zombie figured out what tone he was going for and stayed pretty focused. I’m hoping for a similar situation with H2, because the first one was sort of all over the map.

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