I have seen HP6…

…and I could make the case that it is the best of the adaptations so far, following the storyline and tone of the book with ease and avoiding some of the serious pacing issues that marred movie number five.

Some other thoughts:

*How lucky are the writers/directors/producers that their crop of cute 10-year-olds has turned into such a bunch of attractive young stars, and all decent actors at that?
*Ginny Weasley is badass. Also, corn fields are always scary.
*Somebody needs to tell the wardrobe people to dial down the Johnny Cash factor in Tom Felton’s look.
*Jim Broadbent is brilliant as Professor Slughorn. His interpretation of the character even worked better for me than the book version. More sympathetic, more real.
*Nobody pauses like Alan Rickman.
*I’m thrilled that Steve Kloves and David Yates let the movie focus so much on the kids’ budding romances. They did a great job of condensing those bits to movie-time while still giving all the satisfaction the book does.
*Awesome opening sequence.
*Awesome Tom Riddle flashbacks.
*Could have used more of the other students. More Luna, Neville, Seamus, etc. This is a constant complaint with every movie.
*In fact, to me, Neville’s storyline is the saddest thing cut from the books for the movies. Movie-Harry could use a dose of the self-examination book-Harry gets when he relates his own situation to Neville’s. Also, seeing Neville’s parents adds incredible dimension and in-your-faceness to the history, rather than just the immediacy, of the Death Eaters’ wrath. We can only talk about Lily Potter’s sacrifice so much; the books do a much better job of remembering that Harry wasn’t the only one affected by Voldemort’s first reign.
*I hope they are saving the serious battle action and I will get my fix in the next film…I was waiting for the epic showdown that never came.
*Lavender Brown is the funniest psychopath ever.

Many thanks to Patty Liu for her inside information on getting us passes to see the movie early! I am already ready to see it again.


4 Responses to “I have seen HP6…”

  1. 1 Chelsea July 14, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    I read somewhere that the producers didn’t want the big castle fight in the 6th movie because it would be too similar visually to what happens in the 7th. Therefore, I am expecting an epic showdown to wrap up the final movie!

  2. 2 patty July 14, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    * kinda disappointed at broadbent’s portrayal of slughorn. his weakness for brown-nosers really explained why he would divulge such harmful information to riddle, and that wasn’t properly handled in the movie. however, i did like how movie slughorn seemed honestly ashamed for contributing to voldemort’s rise to power.
    * very VERY disappointed that the movie didn’t have dumbledore casting a binding spell on harry to keep him from interfering with snape’s promise. harry was never meant to be that obedient.
    * i know i’m being picky, but i felt that by leaving out the storyline of tom riddle’s parents, the role of the love potions were just a way to pander to all the adolescent girls in the audience.
    * i absolutely LOVED the quidditch scenes. was never impressed with them in the previous movies, but this one had me saying “whoooooooooa!!!” so brilliant!
    * the disapparating was fucking sweet as was when dumbledore got all badass with the fire.
    * was hoping to see some splinching.
    * all the actors did SUCH A GREAT JOB! they’ve really grown into their roles so well.
    * i agree with you on neville’s storyline. it’s a shame that it’s not incorporated into the movies. i feel like movie #7 is going to come up short when the time comes for neville to save the world. his back story really makes you feel like he might be the bigger hero.
    *you’re welcome! but really, thank kyla, she was the one who let me know about the passes!

  3. 3 Rebecca July 14, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    Oh, Neville. Yes, echoing you all–more Neville. Please please please.

    It will be interesting to see how the next movie opens. The book throws down so much destruction and death in the first couple chapters…

    And also to echo others–Battle at Hogwarts! Gonna be so awesome! “Not my daughter, you bitch!”

  4. 4 Brandi Sperry July 14, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Patty, we will have to agree to disagree on Slughorn. I thought his weaknesses and motivations were well portrayed, and anything more would have felt like hitting us over the head with it, like we weren’t smart enough to understand. It’s not really brown-nosers that get him, it’s people who have power or fame, or who might someday have them.

    I’ll admit that I forgot about the binding spell and Tom Riddle’s parents. I thought the love potions worked well though, even just as a catalyst for illustrating adolescent craziness.

    Some splinching would have been fabulous!

    Becca, I told Bryn yesterday that “Not my daughter, you bitch!” is the thing I’m most looking forward to seeing, and I’ll be enraged if they don’t take that scene verbatim from the book! I think the audience will go crazy at that moment.

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