Underrated, but back for another go!

Reaper returns tonight! You should watch, for the following reasons:

1. Very attractive leading man and lady. Eye candy for everyone!

2. Not one, but two highly amusing sidekicks!

3. This is the show that cast Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino as gay demon lovers. If you love Wet Hot American Summer and you missed that, time to rent season one.

4. As with most good sci-fi-ish shows, a simple premise (Sam must collect escaped souls for the devil due to his parents having sold his soul) was getting much more complex as things went along (but why are there pages missing from Sam’s contract, and is there a chance his human dad isn’t his real dad? Bum bum buuuuum).

5. Our leading lady, Andi, is no Lois Lane….her smart suspicions have already forced the boys to tell her the truth, and now she kicks demon ass with them. Satisfying!

6. Ray Wise is the smarmiest, greatest Devil ever. So debonair, so eeeeevil.

7. Other awesome guest stars so far: Patton Oswalt, Mercedes McNab, Kandyse McClure (that’d be Dee from Battlestar), and Lucy Davis (British The Office, Shaun of the Dead). The casting department has taste.

8. It’s supposed to be set in Seattle, but they do an even worse job of convincing us of that than Frasier or Grey’s Anatomy before it. Amusing for natives!

9. There’s nothing else worth watching during the 8:00 hour on Tuesdays (unless you are one of those crazy people who watch American Idol in real time, I suppose).


Give it a shot, kids!


The devil says you have to!


1 Response to “Underrated, but back for another go!”

  1. 1 Carly May 8, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    dude! i don’t watch TV in realtime or Netflicks time at all anymore (broken computer, no budget for rentals…blah blah blah) so I am sadly out of touch with your awesome blog HOWEVER i was reading through and RAY WISE IS SO AWESOME IN TWIN PEAKS. and that is what I think you should plow through next. I’ve been watching with Justin – he for the David Lynch factor and me for the “hey! my mom used to work there!” factor, but whatever the motive, it has been everything we love about spooky, campy sci-fi/true crime. And at 30 episodes total, it should be doable in a nice intense stretch. DO IT BRANDI.

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