Reasons to be happy!


Not relevant to the typical content of this blog, but come on, doesn’t the very air smell sweeter already?

2. 24 is awesome again.

I was very close to not watching this season…the last season was atrociously boring, the 2-hour prequel movie beyond underwhelming (I literally did my budget for the new year during the second hour just so I wouldn’t feel like I’d wasted any more time), and the first four episodes sitting on my DVR after the two-night premiere looked pretty daunting. But it was Sunday and I had nothing to do, so I gave it a chance. Within ten minutes, an FBI agent had busted Jack out of his congressional hearing on that pesky way he tortures people for information because she needed help with some convoluted, very Live Free or Die Hard-esque plot against the nation, and then within another ten minutes he was totally beating the crap out of someone again. Yay! Then the FBI agent turned out to be essentially a girl-Jack, all ready to go rogue and shit, and then Tony was back from the dead and evil but then Bill and Chloe showed up and it turns out Tony is just deep undercover and then there was a mole in the FBI cuz there always has to be a mole and by the end of this Monday’s episode, Jack was being forced to bury the awesome FBI lady alive. Will she escape in time?! It is so ridiculous, and so, so great.

3. LOST starts tonight!

Eeeeeeeeeee! It’s happening, it’s really happening!

4. Oscar nominations tomorrow.

These snuck up on me! I am still way behind with new movie viewing, but at least now I will know for sure what I need to see before the ceremony. (In the past month I’ve only managed to see Doubt and Revolutionary Road [and My Bloody Valentine 3-D, but that’s another category entirely], and have shirked my duty to write proper reviews. Mini reviews: Doubt was good but not great, excellent acting and engaging plot but not as earth-shaking as I thought it would be given all the hype the play got, and I hated the last scene. Revolutionary Road was very good, gorgeous to look at but of course very depressing. Kate Winslet deserves all the praise she’s getting, but for my money it was Leo who made the movie. He’s incredible in what I think was actually a tougher role than hers.)

5. Flight of the Conchords has joined all the other great shows returning in January.

And if you missed the first episode, watch it here!


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