But it hurts so good…

I would name the following episodes of television, among many, many contenders, to be the top five most emotionally wrecking of my lifetime as a viewer:

Friday Night Lights, “Leave No One Behind.” My beloved Matt reaches rock bottom, and the confrontation between him and Coach Taylor is the climax of every pressure that poor kid’s faced for almost two seasons. But Coach won’t give up…he won’t “leave anyone behind,” so to speak. Except they do, they DO leave someone behind: Smash, after giving his team a beautiful pre-game speech and watching them take the field, alone in the locker room with his college dreams potentially shattered following a three-game suspension for a fight he got into when someone was harassing his little sister. The closing image of him killed me.

The Wire, “Final Grades.” The finale of The Wire’s fourth season, its finest. I won’t say much, since I know some of you still need to watch, but this episode made me scream at my television.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Becoming, Part Two.” Buffy fucking kills Angel. The first inkling that Joss might be a bastard enters my head.

Angel, “A Hole in the World.” The beginning of the final chapter in both my favorite and, in my opinion, the most heartbreaking story in the whole Jossverse, Wesley and Fred’s love story. The twist of Fred’s death was so, so unexpected. Some of you might not remember, but at this point, after seasons of angst, Wesley and Fred had only been together as a happy couple for one episode. Joss, you are a bastard. The last line she utters as herself before dying and being bodily taken over by Illyria: “Wesley, why can’t I stay?” Because JOSS IS A BASTARD.

And finally, Battlestar Galactica, “Revelation.s” That’d be the last new episode of Battlestar we saw. The one where we found out the thing that I won’t mention here since so many people I know are not caught up. (GET WITH IT!). And tonight…tonight we finally get to see the aftermath.

All of the TV columnists I regularly read, being paid professionals who get screeners from networks, have already seen this episode. None of them will write a review (not that I would read one). They all say that to know anything at all going into the episode would ruin it. And they all say that it’s amazing.

Holy shit I cannot wait.


2 Responses to “But it hurts so good…”

  1. 1 Emily January 16, 2009 at 11:36 am

    Fuck you, Joss Whedon. Not only do I cry every time I see “Becoming, part 2,” (which is many times) I bawled my eyes out, snot and all, at “Hole in the World,” which I’ve only seen once. With good reason. Fuck you. Could it be over the top? Possibly, but it’s saved by its own cruelty, in my opinion. Again, fuck you Joss.

    As for “Revelations,” I am counting down the minutes until 6pm. I told boy toy he is not invited and he is not to call me until it’s over, even though he wanted to drop by and is very interested in becoming a BSG geek. I will bring wine and possibly munchies. Sound good?

  2. 2 patty January 16, 2009 at 11:52 am

    brandi! my test is tomorrow and after that i am freeeeee!!! i will be catching up on bsg and hopefully starting a love affair with the wire.

    as for “a hole in the world”, my heart still aches. joss, you fucking bastard. and wesley’s line: “There’s hope…for some. There’s hope that you’ll find something worthy, that your life will lead you to some joy… that after everything, you can still be surprised.” this! after having gone through the one thing that can make a person jaded forever. ugh, joss. you. kill. me.

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