And so, we come upon that time in September when I must remind myself that I do not, in fact, have unlimited time to watch television. Yes, ladies and gents: it’s cut time.

Cut show #1: Fringe

The first three episodes were entertaining, and certainly the cast is good (love Joshua Jackson, love Lance Reddick a.k.a. Lieutenant Daniels of The Wire, love Mark Valley, whose character’s death seems to be not so permanent). But do I actively find myself wondering what will happen in the next episode? No, no I don’t. And thus it is downgraded, though I wouldn’t not tune in if I found myself wondering what was on during its time slot. It’s clearly not going to be the kind of show where you have to see every episode to know what’s going on.

Cut show #2: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Ok, I love Summer Glau. I love all Firefly alums and will check out any show any of them appear in, no questions asked. And I did enjoy both the show itself and Summer Glau in her role as a terminator last season. But after getting through the first three episodes of the second season—which are, because of the writer’s strike, only numbers ten through twelve—I am not seeing this as a sustainable premise for a long-running show. You could have dropped any one of the obstacles faced by the characters in these episodes anywhere into last season and it wouldn’t have mattered much. I love the Terminator movies, but I see now that this storyline should stick to that format. I can only watch Sarah and John live through so many explosions and car chases before I lose interest. And that time is now. Too bad, because I can’t believe how sexy Brian Austin Green has managed to get. Seriously.

Cut show #3: Private Practice

The new season hasn’t even started, but I’ve sort of been assuming I would watch at least the first couple of episodes to see if things are improved. Now I’m reading things from legit TV critics that indicate no big changes have been made, soooo…..I’ll make myself skip it. That hurts, because I really wish this was a good show.

Oh, premiere season. I soldier on.


3 Responses to “Decisions”

  1. 1 Erin September 25, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    I agree: Brian Austin Green has gotten quite delectable, but even his beauty and Summer Glau’s awesomeness can’t carry these plots. I’m going to give Private Practice one more shot, since I so love the character Addison was on Grey’s. And is it my imagination, or have you not commented on Supernatural yet?!!? I need to find out what you think, so I can pick up on the subtleties I missed.

  2. 2 patty September 25, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    drop private practice, that show was shitty from day one. i’ve stopped watching grey’s as well, but i thought addison was supposed to be a strong character. she’s unbearable now and could use a good punch to the uterus.

  3. 3 Brandi Sperry September 29, 2008 at 10:16 am

    Ok, I will try to discuss Supernatural soon! It’s just that I am still trying to get people to watch my dvds of the first seasons and I don’t want to give too much away…

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