Last night, some TV was on

1. America’s Next Top Model, cycle 11

Though I have been known to get sucked into a marathon of ANTM, I don’t generally watch it during the regular season. Better to wait until some time in the future when I’m hungover and watching a few hours of VH1 seems like a good idea. However, the curiosity factor was extra high for this premiere given the hype over the inclusion of Isis, the first transgender contestant. So I recorded the two hour extravaganza, and watched 90% on fast forward. Some observations from that 10% of the show that wasn’t girls shrieking or Tyra flipping her hair:

*Isis is clearly more than just a gimmick; her face is interesting in life, but in photographs becomes something truly fantastic. Her final picture kicked ass.
*Some of the girls were real bitches. Oh, sorry, they just have “traditional views”.
*Some of the girls thought they were enlightened, but were really idiots. Best/worst response to Isis’s insanely patient answering of questions about life as a pre-op MTF: “You’re like a butterfly!” And you’re like a kindergartner.
*Contestants besides Isis I wouldn’t mind seeing should I tune in for the finale: Elina, from Seattle by way of the Ukraine, who is HOT and likes the ladies. She refers to trying to convert straight girls as her “sport”; Sheena, of half-Japanese and half-Korean heritage, but sounds like Jenny-from-the-block. She’s the sort of contestant whose outlandish personality should be annoying but isn’t, because she just seems so nice; and Brittany, who spoke fairly eloquently about being half-black and half-Native American.

2. Bones

After a quick mention of Zack’s fate (lalalala I can’t heeeeeaaarrrr you….), Brennan and Booth got down to the crime solving with their British counterparts, a tough-but-lovely lady Scotland Yard agent, and a pompous-but-gets-away-with-it-due-to-British-accent anthropologist from Oxford. (Loved when Booth pointed out this obvious mirror imagery. His delight was priceless.) The case was necessarily convoluted to fill up the two hours, but I didn’t see the ending coming, which is always a plus. All in all, that storyline was highly satisfying.

Can’t say the same for the mess back in the States, where Angela’s long-lost husband, who they searched for all last season so she could obtain a divorce, popped up to wreak havoc. I won’t go into the stupid details, but I will say thank god for Sweets because his hilarious reactions to everything around him and eagerness to help saved this part of the episode from being entirely worthless. Angela and Hodgins end up breaking up over perfectly natural feelings on both of their parts resulting from being uncomfortable over the ex’s presence; somehow they draw the conclusion that these feelings mean they don’t trust each other. (Memo to Angela: remember last season when everyone suspected that Hodgins was the one helping out the serial killer and you were the only one who stood by him, evidence be damned? That was TRUST, you idiot.) It’s pure contrivance because of that old adage that happy couples make for boring TV. Laaaame-o.

3. uh-oh, advertising that’s doing its job….

So, watching stuff on CW two nights in a row, I caught a couple of commercials for the show Privileged, which will follow 90210 starting next week. I had previously dismissed this show based on nothing but its old title (“Surviving the Filthy Rich”), but the promos are actually sort of adorable. I like star Joanna Garcia, who played the brat with a heart of gold on Reba (don’t knock it…actually a cute show in a “throwback to a simpler programming time” sort of way and quite pleasant to have on in the background while balancing your checkbook or something), and nothing else was as annoying as I thought it would be. I doubt I’ll actually be setting the recorder for this one, but the commercials did enough that if I end up watching 90210 in real time next week, I might stay tuned afterwards to see how it pans out.


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