It’s been a pretty big 24 hours for me as an entertainment junkie. Let’s talk about some stuff.

1. Emmy nomination reaction

Well, the ballot doesn’t look much like my dream one, but I’m not surprised. I didn’t really think Battlestar Galactica would get recognized outside of the writing/technical categories, nor did I have any real hope for any cast members of Friday Night Lights. But, despite the perpetual annoyance of the inexplicable infatuation with mediocrity that brings us so much effing Boston Legal and House, the list represents a lot of greatness. Plenty of the names are ones I wish I’d had room for, like Michael C. Hall in Dexter, Lee Pace in Pushing Daisies, Vanessa Williams in Ugly Betty, and Ted Danson and (especially) Zeljko Ivanek in Damages. And Amy Poehler?!? How cool that she got a nod for all her brilliance on Saturday Night Live. Pretty good job, Emmy panel. Pretty good job.

2. Project Runway season five premiere

How pissy is Bravo being with their treatment of Runway this year? Sure, I understand their anger that the show moves to Lifetime next year, but how immature. They waited until two days before the premiere to announce the cast (in contrast, they already announced the contestants for the new season of the grossly boring Top Design, which doesn’t start until September). They barely showed any promos, to the point where people I know to be big fans of the show didn’t even know it was coming back this summer, let alone this week, until I mentioned it on Monday. And then, they didn’t even have a proper opening sequence last night! Just two seconds of Heidi saying “This…is Project Runway.” Not classy, Bravo.

The episode itself pretty much satisfied me, as I do love a good “make clothes out of stuff that is not fabric” challenge. Not sure how I feel about a lot of the cast yet though, except that I’m glad the guy I decided would be the most annoying is the one who got kicked off first. With this many players it’ll take me a few episodes to pick a fave. The best moment of the night came in the previews for upcoming episodes: Tim Gunn observes what appears to be an angular, hot pink dress, and declares “It looks like a pterodactyl from the gay Jurassic Park.” Ha!

3. Part II of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

Have you been watching Joss Whedon’s splendid “my famous friends and I had a lot of spare time on our hands during the writers’ strike” internet musical? If you’re reading this blog, I certainly hope so. The final act goes up on Saturday (ahem…actually Friday midnight Eastern time, Friday 9 PM for us West Coasties), but what I’m most anticipating is the eventual DVD release, which Joss has hinted will have an original commentary track that is ALSO A MUSICAL. Delightful.

4. Did I maybe mention this already?

I SAW THE FREAKING DARK KNIGHT!!! Neverending thanks to Neil, who made the right choice by taking moi to the free IMAX preview screening he snagged passes for. I will do a proper review this weekend after people have had a chance to see it (and probably I have seen it again). But oh, oh it is good. It is so good. Come February, we will be watching the Academy bestow Oscars on a comic book movie. I am dead serious.

Yay for so much awesome pop culture awesomeness!


3 Responses to “Overload!”

  1. 1 Becca July 17, 2008 at 10:48 am


    Speaking of Dr. Horrible (and really, I’d be content to only speak of Dr. Horrible for weeks on end), congrats to NPH for the Emmy nod (excerpted from AP article):

    “Nominees in the top categories for the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences by Kristin Chenoweth, Neil Patrick Harris and TV academy Chairman John Shaffner.

    Shaffner surprised Harris and Chenoweth at the end of the telecast by announcing each actor’s supporting-actor nomination. Chenoweth, of ‘Pushing Daisies,’ stood open-jawed, while Harris, from ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ pumped his fist and said, ‘Nice!’”

  2. 2 patty July 17, 2008 at 11:04 am

    regarding point 2: i didn’t know they had changed the timeslot to 9pm! i missed a whole 15 minutes of the beginning. so bitchy, bravo.

    poor choice of a seattle contestant, too! blayne is going to be auf’d real soon, but i like how he’s getting tim to speak gansta. it’s so darling coming out of his mouth.

    finally… you really thought asian guy was more annoying than trash lady? not only did trash lady pump out the WORST and most UNINSPIRED outfit i’ve ever seen on the show, she’s pretty much the epitome of a debbie downer (wah waaaaah). she needs to shut her whole face.

    regarding point 3: HOORAY! it’s brought me a level of joy that could only be delivered by a whedon (or a fillion). and this time around, i love the songs (sorry, musical buffy, you just didn’t do it for me). love it happy yay yay yay!

    “and by the way, the hammer is my penis.”


  3. 3 Brandi Sperry July 17, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Oh, trash lady was a close second, and that was definitely the worst outfit since Wendy Pepper’s candy “bikini” on the first supermarket challenge. But what’s-his-face was almost as deadpan and weird, and sealed the deal as most annoying when he said “As a designer, I want to be taken *serious*.” Gah.

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