Still Emmy nominations eve!

I know you’re all dying to know: if the Emmys were called the Brandis, what would the ballot look like? Behold! (winners in italics) (you should also know I’ve had a draft of this list for like two months…such a nerd)

Best Drama:
Battlestar Galactica
Friday Night Lights
Mad Men
The Wire
(cheating: am a season behind on DVD. They’ve never had so much as a bad scene, so I’m guessing the last season kicked ass too.)

Best Dramatic Actor:
Kyle Chandler, Coach Eric Taylor on FNL
Matthew Fox, Jack Shephard on Lost
Zach Gilford, Matt Saracen on FNL
Jon Hamm, Don Draper on Mad Men
Edward James Olmos, Admiral Adama on Battlestar

Best Dramatic Actress:
Connie Britton, Tami Taylor on FNL
Glenn Close, Patty Hewes on Damages
Mary McDonnell, President Laura Roslin on Battlestar
Elisabeth Moss, Peggy Olson on Mad Men
Ellen Pompeo, Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy (love or hate the show/character, Pompeo nails it every time)

Best Supporting Actor: (hardest category to pick a winner, hands down)
Aaron Douglas, Chief Galen Tyrol on Battlestar
Michael Emerson, Ben Linus on Lost
Michael Hogan, Colonel Saul Tigh on Battlestar
T.R. Knight, George O’Malley on Grey’s
Jesse Plemons, Landry Clarke on FNL

Best Supporting Actress:
Yunjin Kim, Sun Kwon on Lost
Sandra Oh, Cristina Yang on Grey’s
Sara Ramirez, Callie Torres on Grey’s
Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck on Battlestar
Chandra Wilson, Miranda Bailey on Grey’s

Best Comedy:
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Flight of the Conchords
How I Met Your Mother
The Office
30 Rock

Best Comedic Actor:
Alec Baldwin, Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock
Steve Carrell, Michael Scott on The Office
Jim Parsons, Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory
Josh Radnor, Ted Mosby on HIMYM
James Roday, Shawn Spencer on Psych

Best Comedic Actress:
Christina Applegate, Samantha Newly on Samantha Who?
Sarah Chalke, Elliot Reid on Scrubs
Marcia Cross, Bree Van de Kamp (or whatever her character’s last name is these days) on Desperate Housewives
Tina Fey, Liz Lemon on 30 Rock
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christine Campbell on The New Adventures of Old Christine

Best Supporting Actor:
John Krasinski, Jim Halpert on The Office
Neil Patrick Harris, Barney Stinson on HIMYM
Jack McBrayer, Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock
John C. McGinley, Perry Cox on Scrubs
Jason Segel, Marshall Erickson on HIMYM

Best Supporting Actress:
Dana Delaney, Katherine Mayfair on Deperate Housewives
Jenna Fischer, Pam Beesly on The Office
Angela Kinsey, Angela Martin on The Office
Jean Smart, Regina Newly on Samantha Who?
Cobie Smulders, Robin Scherbatsky on HIMYM

Writing, Drama: (yes, I went so far as to consider individual episodes…)
Battlestar Galactica, “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”
Battlestar Galactica, “Revelations”
Friday Night Lights, “Let’s Get It On”
Grey’s Anatomy, “Let the Truth Sting”
Lost, “The Constant”

Writing, Comedy
How I Met Your Mother, “The Bracket”
The Office, “The Deposition”
The Office, “Goodbye, Toby”
30 Rock, “Greenzo”
30 Rock, “Subway Hero”

Yay! Too bad there’s not a chance the list will look anything like this come tomorrow and I’ll be bitching about Boston Legal and House again….oh, well.


2 Responses to “Still Emmy nominations eve!”

  1. 1 Becca July 16, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    Subway Hero! I love Dean Winters, though I can NEVER remember his name. Seriously. I went to go look it up, came back to write this comment, and had already forgotten it. In my head he’s a weird Cassidy/Johnny/Dennis amalgam, rather than an actual person. Wish there was an Emmy for actors who just show up on tons of shows in guest spots and do amazing jobs, whether it is drama or comedy or procedural. He’d totally win that.

    In other news, Howard from Big Bang is in Dr. Horrible, and Dr. Horrible’s love interest’s name is…Penny! Coincidence? Sheldon wouldn’t think so.

  2. 2 Becca July 16, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Not to flood the comments, but a little more on Subway Hero–Tim Conway as Bucky was brilliant. And it was a nice little homage since he did used to do tons of writing and performing for TV back in the day.

    “I wandered around the building all night. I didn’t run into another living soul…except one gigantic lesbian. Who is Conan O’Brien, and why is she so sad?”

    And, for TV history nerds, perhaps the best sitcom line of the 07-08 season:

    Kenneth: “And this is the writers’ room.”
    Bucky: [beat] “We used to call this the Jew room.”

    They should give Emmys/Brandis for best one-liners.

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