Oh my god I almost forgot!!

It’s the first day of February! And that means…it’s the first day of 31 Days of Oscar on Turner Classic Movies!

Yes, I am that excited. I may have printed out the schedule over two weeks ago and highlighted all the movies I want to try to watch.

TCM devotes a month of programming to only Oscar-nominated films every year, but the way they’re doing it this year is especially awesome-sounding. Not only does every day have a theme for the daytime programming (sci-fi movies one day, musicals the next, etc), but each night of the week is dedicated to a different decade. And the best part about that (for me) is that it means on 1920s nights, I’m going to get to record some really sweet silent movies that I’ve never seen. Yay!

Fridays are 1970s night, and I highly recommend a double feature starting at 9:15 tonight: the devastating satire Network (which I count among my favorite movies of all time) and early Jack Nicholson effort Five Easy Pieces (for which he received his first leading actor nomination). Both are great cynical critiques of what’s considered important in American culture.


1 Response to “Oh my god I almost forgot!!”

  1. 1 Carly February 3, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    you love Network? I love Network! it was not until i saw this movie that i got all the damn hype about faye dunaway. you make me wish i had cable and/or more convenient access to your dvr…

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