Kill Christmas

Another Christmas holiday has passed, but it’s not too late to enjoy quality Christmas films. Now’s a great time to celebrate surviving another season by watching some movies that not only feature pretty lights and Santa, but also plenty of blood and guns.

200623_169587_1_024.jpg1. Die Hard

Obviously the quintessential Christmas action movie, and one of the best action movies ever made, period. Especially recommended for a seasonal viewing because it was the first major film role for my beloved Alan Rickman.

2. Go

I’ve heard this movie pejoratively referred to as “Pulp Fiction lite” because of the way it plays with the timeline, but it’s quite good on its own terms. If you can get around the fact that Katie Holmes is in it (concentrate on the presence of Sarah Polly and Timothy Olyphant), this is a very entertaining movie involving lots of drugs, strippers, and other wholesome activities on Christmas Eve.

3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This is the best movie Shane Black’s written since Lethal Weapon, and features one of Robert Downey Jr’s most amusing performances. Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan are also fantastic and the murder mystery plotline feels fresh compared to similar stories in other movies. I’ve recommended this to a few people and gotten nothing but raves in return.

11m.jpg4. Black Christmas

The 1974 version, of course. I love a good slasher movie, and this one about sorority girls being stalked while on Christmas break is a good one. Believe it or not, the director is the same man who helmed A Christmas Story; I guess he had mixed feelings about the holiday.

5. Gremlins

Finally, of course, we have the lovely tale of the cute little Mogwai who spawns vicious creatures when you don’t follow the rules of his care to the letter, Christmas or no Christmas. This is such a classic B-movie. Loved it as a kid, still love it now.

Good riddance, Christmas, for another year.


1 Response to “Kill Christmas”

  1. 1 Chelsea December 28, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    Dammit Brandi, where were you last night when we needed you?? There was an entire Die Hard category at trivia!

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