Why I hate awards shows, and the Emmys in particular

When the Emmy nominations came out almost two months ago, I hadn’t started this blog and therefore didn’t write the angry diatribe that I would have, along with all the other geeks out there freaking out because their favorite show/actor didn’t get nominated. But it’s the same every year with the Oscars and the Emmys: I get angry, I try to have some perspective, then I get angry again and stay angry (for example, one should not start a conversation with me about Crash winning best picture, because it will not end pleasantly). But at least for the Oscars, I can reasonably assume that most Academy members have seen a good portion of the eligible films. Most movies take two hours to watch, and a movie nerd is a movie nerd even if he or she has reached a level of fame and prestige. You think Quentin Tarantino doesn’t watch every damn screener that gets sent to him? Even if I hated Crash, I know that the people that voted for it actually saw it and loved it.

Which brings me to the problem with the Emmys. These people are voting for the nominees based on one submitted episode from a season of 13, 22, maybe 25 episodes. People who make TV are busy, busy people. They make many more hours of content per year than the average filmmaker. So, ironic as it may seem, these people are not known for watching a lot of TV themselves. And yet they vote on the winners. I speculate that this is why we see so much repetition at the Emmys: votes start to get based on reputations instead of actual quality. Or, perhaps, the opposite could be true: lack of votes are based on rumors like “Lost totally sucks this season” (couldn’t be more untrue, if you’re paying attention). Whatever it is that’s going on with the voting system, something’s wacky.

Okay, this is the point when I try to convince myself that I’m being too hard on the voters. Most of the categories aren’t so bad, I say to myself.  Look at the acting categories, those are pretty good, even. Sure, other possibilities are out there, but five is the limit. What’s a league of voters to do?

And then I come to the Best Drama category.

And I know that someone should be punished.

Boston fricking Legal? Is that a joke? That show hasn’t been good since its first season, it’s a repetitive mess that can’t decide if it’s a comedy or a drama and the revolving door of supporting cast members makes getting cast on ER seem like the ultimate in job security. Mothereffing House again?! Uuuugh I don’t understand why people like this show. The main character is cruel, the supporting characters are inept, and it couldn’t be more formulaic. Grey’s Anatomy had its weakest season and although I still watch it and enjoy it, too many other shows were better. As for Heroes, I don’t watch but I’ve heard it took a while to hit its stride and this feels like a hype nomination to me. Luckily, that leaves us with The Sopranos, which is the only truly worthy nomination and will win anyway.

At Brandi’s Emmys, the nominations would be: Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Lost (all three of these received writing and/or directing nominations), Deadwood and The Sopranos.

And, all heaps of respect due to The Sopranos, my winner would have been Deadwood.

I miss you, Deadwood.


3 Responses to “Why I hate awards shows, and the Emmys in particular”

  1. 1 patty September 11, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    grey’s anatomy sucks.

  2. 2 Chelsea September 18, 2007 at 10:14 am

    I didn’t even watch the Emmys this year. The nominations were insulting enough. But then, to have Ryan Seacrest host??? No thank you. That would be 3 hours of my life I would never get back. I’d rather stare at a wall. I do like the TCA awards since the critics are the ones who get to vote. Since they actually watch tons of TV, I think that these are the fairest awards and usually the right person/show gets recognized. By the way, I love that one of the search terms for this blog is rant. No one does a rant better than you, Sperry!

  3. 3 giroux September 22, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    I agree. Which isn’t really saying much as I don’t watch T.V. these days. However, perhaps that is because I have only ever heard of House and Boston Legal (both of which I do not enjoy) and have never heard of Battlestar Galactica and Friday Night Lights. By the time I’ve caught up on this blog…I am sooo going to an interesting person again. You Rock!

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